This colorful and detailed black Halloween tree is a unique take on traditional holiday décor. Inspired by the design of a traditional ceramic Christmas tree, this spooky tree features a one-of-a-kind paint scheme that is sure to shine among your Halloween decorations. Start a new tradition with this fun, novel take on the classic ceramic Christmas tree of the past.

The Halloween Tree comes in a high gloss finish and each black Halloween tree features an array of orange and purple bulbs that light up to reveal the vibrant purples and oranges of the tree branches. The soft glow of the orange Halloween tree is perfect for setting the ideal mood for chilly, October nights and Halloween celebrations.

The dimensions of the tree are: 11.5″ H x 7″ Dia. Each tree comes with a 5′ plug-in light chord. Lights are glued in place and are non-removable.

A Magical Halloween Planner
Halloween Themed Monthly Coloring Planner